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Our hearts are relational, from birth we are held and known by another, if we are fortunate we grow into an environment of kindness and friendliness, but even the most fortunate of our hearts recoils in the face of pain and injury often leaving an emotional scar. The light of kind attention is the key to unbinding these knots that obscure our heart’s potential.  I invite you to join me as we create an environment of exquisite safety and respectful curiosity that opens the doorway for the recovery of your hearts innate capacity for intimacy, clarity and depth.   

Welcome to Heart sense therapy

Heart sense therapy  refers to the dual meaning of the word sense, that is to both know and to feel.  Attending to the “felt sense” of our experience, we learn to stay close to our sensations, feelings and perceptions out of this intimacy with ourselves a new way forward is invited to emerge. This approach utilizes techniques drawn from focusing.

Focusing and inquiry
Opening Up to a dimension of our uniqueness we learn
our body is an open sensitive field fill with new and untapped knowing when we open we can ask what wants my attention, or we can choose an issue to sense into, when are present we open to subtle sensation and a felt sense that reveals itself for knowing and understanding in a new way , this approach utilizes aspects of mindfulness, cognitive therapy, focused inquiry.

Are you experiencing conflict, unhappiness or lacking intimacy in relationships?

Are you feeling distressed and overwhelmed in the wake of a loss or in the midst of a life transition?

Do you feel out of touch with yourself or confused about your life direction?

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Couples and Relationship Therapy

Couples and Relationship Therapy

Creating a Safe Haven for Change

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Move forward with clarity and kindness

Deeping into Life

Deeping into Life

Mindfully focused inquiry

Heart Therapy

Heart Therapy

Recovering from a cardiac event whether sudden or chronic


Going too fast for myself I missed
more than I think I can remember


almost everything it seems sometimes
and yet there are chances that come back


that I did not notice when they stood
where I could have reached out and touched them


this morning the black Belgian shepherd dog
still young looking up and saying


Are you ready this time

— W.S. Merwin

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